Game DAO

The Game DAO is the top-level governing body that decides on the economic policies, as well as the development and growth activities of the game. Active $ROYALE token holders will act as the Game DAO governors who ultimately drive the direction of Mini Royale: Nations. Eventually the DAO can even vote out the founding Faraway team as the primary developer of the game.

The Game DAO defines the following:

Monetary Policy

  • Monetary Policy of the $CHEDDAR and $ROYALE tokens and their inflation and emission schedules

Token Allocation of Treasury

  • Game & Content Development

  • Reward Incentives & Ecosystem Fund deployment

  • Distributions to token holders

Community Management

  • Policy for banning/unbanning users

  • Community rules and geographic restrictions

  • Membership benefits to token holders

Tech & Product Roadmap

  • Enabling & disabling game features

  • Content & feature update schedules

  • Protocol upgrades

  • Emergency Response

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