There are two different categories of Building NFTs in Mini Royale: Nations:

Utility Buildings

These buildings are Construction Blueprints that give land some form of economic output.

  • These include Government Buildings (like the HQ), Economic Buildings (like Mines), and Military Buildings (like Walls)

  • These NFTs can be traded as Blueprints, but become permanently fixed to a plot of Land when they are built and placed into a specific building slot on a Land Plot

  • The Construction Blueprint is burnt when it’s built, and becomes part of the Land NFT metadata. When that Land is later sold, the attached Utility Buildings transfer over with it

  • These buildings cannot be transferred to another piece of Land and can only be demolished if a player wishes to place a different building in that same occupied slot

Utility Building Parameters

  • Building Type (ex: Mine, Refinery, etc)

  • Building Rarity (ex: Legendary Mine dropping higher value Engram Fragments)

Decorative Building Skins

These buildings act as cosmetic skins, either on their own, or sitting on top of Utility buildings.

  • The Building Skin NFTs are not fused to a piece of Land and do not transfer during a Land Plot sale

  • You can apply a Building Skin on top of an existing utility building. The skin will not transfer with the Land Plot when the land is sold; however the underlying utility building will

Decorative Building Parameters

  • Architectural Style

  • Building Style

  • Building Color

  • Roof Style

  • Roof Color

  • Window Style

  • Door Style

  • Signature Markings

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