Anti-Cheat & Bans

Since make Mini Royale is a skill based game, we take cheating very seriously and will be implementing anti-cheat technology in order to the experience as fair as possible. Some of the anti-cheat measures will include the following:

Programmatic Detection

  • Cheat Detection (connected but not limited to in-game health, damage, movement, and economic activity)

  • Bot Detection (aim bots, farm bots, trading bots, etc)

  • Multi-Account Detection

Manual Verification

  • Some % of all matches, and a high % of top-tier matches will include manual anti-cheat verification or reviews by human validators. These validators will earn Cheddar or Royales.

Player Council

  • Appeal requests will be sent to a Player Council which will rule on which appeals to grant or reject Account & NFT Trade Bans

Account & NFT trade bans

  • There will be escalating bans applied to accounts and items that were used for cheating. These bans will range from 30 days to permanent

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