Builder's Huts & Building Timers

Builder's Huts

The number of Builder’s Huts that a Land Owner has on a land plot determine the number of buildings that can be built or upgraded simultaneously. Each Builder’s Hut allows one building to be worked on at a time, and the max number of Builder’s Huts is a parameter that’s inherent to the land plot itself (average max value = 3 Builder’s Huts).

The first Builder's Hut on any land plot is free and given to all Land Owners. However, additional Builder’s Huts can be purchased and built for $ROYALE. Once built, Builder’s Huts are fused to the Land plot, same as other Utility buildings.

Construction & Upgrade Times

Each building will have the following Time-Value parameters:

  • Construction Cost

  • Construction Time

  • Upgrade Cost

  • Upgrade Time

  • Max Quantity of Builder’s Huts

For Upgrade & Construction time, a Player can either wait X time or can pay $ROYALE to speed up the construction process.

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