NFT Marketplace

The MRN Marketplace connects all players in one platform, where they can buy and sell all on-chain game item NFTs. Players can buy or make offers on any listed items, and settle the transactions immediately at an agreed upon price. The Marketplace allows players to transact without using grey markets, and uses the Solana blockchain to verify ownership and scarcity of the listed items.

The MRN Marketplace platform has three areas:

  1. $CHEDDAR Marketplace

    • Common, Uncommon, and Rare items (gun skins, outfits, etc)

    • Priced in $CHEDDAR

  2. SOL Marketplace

    • Epic, Legendary, and Exotic items (gun skins, outfits, etc)

    • Priced in SOL

  3. Land Marketplace

    • Land plots and Buildings

    • Priced in $ROYALE (or SOL)

Rarity-Based Rules

In order to give players a chance to enjoy certain rare effort-gated items, the NFTs will use rarity-based rules that may place temporary trading restrictions or additional trading fees on the rarest items. For example, a rarity-based rule schedule could look like the following:

According to the schedule above, any Legendary item would not be giftable or tradeable in the secondary marketplace during the first 20 days after acquisition. Additionally for the 10 days following the no-trade window expiration, there would be an additional 40% trading fee that would auto-decrease linearly at a rate of 4% per day. Therefore, 25 days after acquisition the item would be subject to a 25% (equal to 5% normal fee + (40-(5*4))% extra fee) trading fee. However, 31 days after acquisition the item would only be subject to the 5% standard trading fee.

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