Item Exchange

The Item Exchange will be an orderbook-based exchange that will allow players to exchange some of the lower value off-chain items for $CHEDDAR with other players. Initially it will be focused on Upgrade Points, with the following trading categories:

  • Weapon Upgrade Points <> $CHEDDAR

  • Costume Upgrade Points <> $CHEDDAR

  • Building Upgrade Points <> $CHEDDAR

Shooter players will earn a disproportionate share of the Building Upgrade Point rewards, and Landowners will earn a disproportionate share of the Weapon Upgrade Point rewards. For the two groups to get the Upgrade Points that they need most, they will be able to trade with each other on the Item Exchange.

In the future, other game items, like Orbs, Enriched Orbs or Engram Fragments could be added to this exchange after a vote by the Game DAO.

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