Player Created Content & Modding

Map Editor

There will be a browser-based map editor available that will allow players to make their own maps, and publish those maps to a community marketplace. Players will also be able to share links to those maps to allow anyone to instantly play a multiplayer match on the user-created map.

Initially, the maps will allow players to only use pre-loaded 3D models and textures. However, over time we will expand the capabilities of the map editor to give users full creative freedom with the ability to upload custom models and custom textures.

Skin Editor

There will be a browser-based skin editor available that will allow players to make their own gun skins and outfit skins, and publish those skins to a community marketplace. Initially, players will not be able to sell these skins to other players and will only be able to use them for custom Campaigns or Hangout Mode. Over time, however, the Game DAO may vote on allowing this content into the game-wide marketplace.

Custom Campaigns

We will be working on scripting tools that will allow players to make their own Campaign missions and storylines. Over time, there will be user-generated Campaigns tied to certain NFTs. These campaigns will be able to use user-generated maps and user-generated skins.


Players will have a sandbox of options to toggle on/off in order to create modified game modes. Initially these mods will be fairly simple and limited in scope, similar to cheat codes in GoldenEye 007 on N64. However, over time we plan to expand the creative freedom of what is possible here in order to make the core game infinitely replayable and enjoyable. Creator monetization to be determined at a later point by a vote of the Game DAO.

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