Engram Drops

An Engram is an encrypted crate that can be decrypted into a usable NFT that drops from the Engram. A player can collect Engram Fragments that combine into Engrams. Once a sufficient quantity of Fragments is collected, these Fragments can be combined into a complete Engram, which can then be decrypted into an NFT, like a weapon skin or outfit. The most common source of Engram Fragments is Mining.

Engram Acquisition & Usage Flow

  1. Collect Engram Fragments from Mining

  2. Combine Engram Fragments into complete Engrams

  3. Redeem / Decrypt Engrams for Item NFTs

Fragments must be of the same type in order to combine into an Engram, and each Engram type has its own prize pool of possible drop items. For example an Epic Engram can drop a set of predefined Epic Items, a Golden Engram can drop a set of predefined Golden gun skins, etc.

An example of an Engram Drop table is below:

Note: Player can either wait X time to decrypt and unlock the Engram, or can pay $ROYALE to speed up the decrypting process. All $ROYALE for speeding up Engram decryption goes to the Game DAO.

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