Limited Edition Pre-Sales

Holding the $ROYALE governance token will give token holders reserved allocation in any Limited edition NFT sales that have a pre-sale allocation. The required token quantity thresholds will adjust over time. Sample NFT pre-sale allocation below:

Reserved Allocation Pre-Sale

  • Round 1: Each status tier gets a share of the total pre-sale pool and can purchase up to that share allocation during this round. Players can purchase up to their tier-defined maximum allowed contribution size within that share until either the supply or time limit exhausts

  • Round 2: Following Round 1’s expiration, Round 2 immediately opens for all tiers simultaneously. All remaining tokens from Round 1 are available in one common, nonsegregated pool. Users may purchase up to their remaining maximum allowed contribution size

To be eligible for a specific status tier, a wallet has to maintain the required $ROYALE token balance for 3 random blocks in the 2 week period before the pre-sale.

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