PvE Shooter

As a skill-based shooter, the game will launch with a stronger emphasis on PvP gameplay. However, many PvE modes will be added over time. These new modes will bring a lot of depth and end-game variety to Mini Royale: Nations and will give players a reason to upgrade their weapons and armor and earn new items through Clan or Alliance events.

Core PvE Modes (Co-Op)

These modes will be designed specifically for Co-Op play, and will be available as Unranked standalone modes, as well as part of Clan War and Daily Mission objectives.
  • PvE Boss Raids
    Progress through multiple layers of defense, and defeat a final boss. Use team tactics and special items to gain an advantage
  • PvE Missions
    Defeat AI bot opponents and complete objectives in programmatically generated open-world missions
  • PvE Defense
    Survive an onslaught of attacks from incoming waves of enemies PvE Sniper / Hunt Mode
  • PvE Sniper / Hunt Mode
    Time-based snipers-only mode where players must eliminate a certain set of targets as quickly as possible
  • PvE Heist
    Players can participate in a variety of heists that require a varying degree of skill, tactics and stealth

PvE World Events

The core PvE modes above can be triggered as limited-time World Events that feature a race mechanic, where the first X number of teams or players to complete the event win prizes.
One of the prize mechanics for this can be in the form of raffle tickets. The amount of raffle tickets for early completions is much higher than for subsequent completions. These raffle tickets are used to then win rare prizes from a raffle.

NFT-Linked Campaign

Owning certain NFT costumes and gun skins can give players access to exclusive campaign content.

Hangout Mode

Sometimes you just need a break from all the gunfire. Show off your cool gear, chat, build, trade, and play with your friends inside of player-built rooms.