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Item Overview

Mini Royale: Nations will feature a mix of On-Chain and Off-Chain Items, and examples of the initial item types are listed below. The higher value items will be NFTs, and the lower value items will be off-chain; however, some of the Off-Chain Items could get converted into On-Chain NFTs over time, pending a vote by the Game DAO.

On-Chain Items

  • Weapon Skin NFTs
  • Character Costume NFTs
  • Land NFTs
  • Building NFTs
  • Building Skin NFTs
  • Accessory NFTs (ex: backpacks, avatar frames, etc)
  • Tools & Equipment NFTs

Off-Chain Items

  • Orbs (used for creating Enriched Orbs)
  • Enriched Orbs (used as event tickets to enter clan events or tournaments)
  • Upgrade Points (used for upgrading items)
    • Gun Upgrade Points
    • Outfit Upgrade Points
    • Building Upgrade Points
  • Engram Fragments (used to create and unlock Engrams which can mint new items)
  • Item Shards (used to unlock and mint a specific item)
  • Weapon Attachments
  • Special Ammo
  • Body Armor