Clans are the lifeblood of the MRN social ecosystem! Being social and participating in Clans is the best way for players to win rare prizes. The primary way to win $CHEDDAR is to participate in clan events and win prizes in clan event leaderboards. While they will evolve and take many forms, some of the Clan events are described in more detail in the sections that follow.

Clan Level

Clan Level (and its underlying XP) is a seasonal status metric that resets on a certain time interval. Clan XP and Clan Level are a way for Clans to show off their status and commitment during a specific span of time. Clans will offer the following rewards or bonuses:

  • Clan Leaderboard Rewards

    Clans who reach the highest Clan Level during a season will receive special clan rewards. These could include commemorative NFTs, Engram Fragments, or item shards.

  • Governance Token Staking Bonus

    Once staking is launched within Mini Royale Nations, members of higher level Clans will be able to earn an additional staking bonus when staking $ROYALE. The impact of Clan Level on Staking bonus is on a 24 hour delay and uses the minimum Clan Level in the prior 24 hour period to apply the bonus reward.

Clans will receive Clan XP through participation in Clan Events (Clan Wars, Bracket Tournaments, etc) and Clan Quests/Missions.

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