Alliances are a 'Clan of Clans' system. Alliances are much bigger in size than Clans and are a fluid and evolving construct, where new Alliances form and disband over time, similar to how Alliances do in the real world.

When a Clan joins an Alliance, all of its Clan members become members of that Alliance. Also, if you change your Clan at any point, you also change your Alliance affiliation (but could be subject to bonus restrictions from changing Clans too quickly or too opportunistically)

Alliance Treasury

  • The Alliance’s treasury collects the following fees:

    • Tournament prize winnings

  • These fees can be in the form of Engram Fragments, $CHEDDAR, $ROYALE, among other game items or currencies

  • Ownership in the Alliance Sub-DAO decides how the winnings are distributed among the Clans that make up the Alliance

    • For example: Clan A with 60% of the Alliance DAO tokens will receive 60% of the prize/bonus allocation, and Clan B with 40% of the Alliance DAO tokens will receive 40%

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