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Game Economy Loop


Mini Royale: Nations is designed in a way that incentivizes and rewards social behavior first and foremost. A high-level overview of the MRN economy is summed up by the diagram below.
As you can see, a key game design decision is to promote trade among the two types of players we see forming in MRN:
  1. 1.
    Competitive Shooter Players
  2. 2.
    Strategic Land Owners / Builders.
We believe that this will create a more collaborative and social ecosystem. In its most basic form, the Shooters will win items and tokens needed by Land Owners / Builders, and the Land Owners / Builders will win items needed by the Shooters - the two groups will then trade amongst themselves in order to get what they want most.
high-level core game loop

Currency Summary

on-chain & off-chain currencies