Land Search & Exploring

Each player starts with a partially revealed map covered by Fog of War, and only public land is initially visible. In order to use Private Land, the player has to explore and discover each new plot of Land individually. Certain tools also give players Exploration boosts, which increase the speed of exploration, and the likelihood of finding rare lands.

How it Works: Land Search & Exploration

  1. Player picks an Exploration Tool that they want to use for Exploring. Only one simultaneous Exploring operation can be performed per Tool. Owning multiple tools allows the player to have multiple exploring operations happening at the same time, however the cost of each additional one being done simultaneously gets higher.

  2. Player pays $CHEDDAR to the Game DAO and waits for the exploring process to return a newly discovered set of land coordinates that are revealed to the player. Player can pay more $CHEDDAR for improved Exploration for a better chance of discovering rare land.

  3. Occasionally, the Exploring process may return empty with nothing found.

  4. Player can either wait X time or can pay $ROYALE to speed up the Exploration process.

  5. Once a piece of Land becomes known to a player, it stays known/explored forever.

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