Off-Chain Items & Currencies

There are several reasons to have some game items live off-chain that we believe improve the user experience (and by extension improve the game and the value of the on-chain items as well):

  1. Reduced transaction costs for lower-value items, since there is no on-chain minting/transaction fee

  2. Faster syncing of data, which improves user experience for items that are used frequently (ex: in-battle consumables like special bullets)

  3. Ability to onboard users who don’t have a web3 wallet connected and give them a more holistic game experience

The main off-chain items and currencies will be:

  • Orbs, which will act as a reward currency for Daily & Weekly missions

  • Enriched Orbs, which will as event tickets for Clan events

  • Basic Guns & Outfits, which will allow users without web3 wallets to onboard and try the game immediately and for free

  • Upgrade Points, which will be used for upgrading items (“<>” means two-way trading pair)

    • Combine Weapon Upgrade Points with $CHEDDAR to level up your weapon

    • Costume Upgrade Points <> $CHEDDAR

    • Building Upgrade Points <> $CHEDDAR

  • Engram Fragments, which will be used to create and unlock Engrams which can in turn mint new NFTs

  • Item Shards, which will be used to unlock and mint a specific item

  • Special Ammo, which will be introduced later and offer special VFX and damage in PvE missions

  • Weapon Attachments, which will be introduced later and offer modifications to specific weapons

  • Body Armor, which will be introduced later and offer extra protection in PvE missions

  • Economic Generator Boosts, which will speed up Refining, Mining, or Point Generation for a short time duration

  • Shields, which will prevent additional enemy guns from being staked to a land plot

In the future, some off-chain items like Orbs, Enriched Orbs, Engram Fragments, among others, could become on-chain items after a vote by the Game DAO.

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