Boosting Production

Once any of the resource-producing buildings (Refinery, Mine, or Generator) reach Level 4, the owner can temporarily boost their production with a $ROYALE Boost or through using a Resource Energy Pack.

  • Spending $ROYALE will double the mining, refining, or point generation speed of one building for one day, while using a Resource Energy Pack will double all resource production rates on a Land Plot for one day.

  • Level 1-3 buildings cannot be boosted with $ROYALE, but can still be boosted using a Resource Energy Pack. However, you can only use the Energy Pack if you have at least one building that can be boosted with $ROYALE (either a level 4 or higher Refinery, Mine or Generator).

  • If you upgrade a boostable building while a boost is already active, the boost will end prematurely, even if the upgrade is later cancelled (or completes) at a time where the boost would have been active.

$ROYALE Boost cost increases with building level, and varies by building type. Resource Energy Packs, on the other hand, have a fixed price in the Shop (or can be won as Rewards)

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