$CHEDDAR: In-Game Currency / Utility Token

$CHEDDAR is a game currency token that’s given out as a reward for different social activities in the game. The only way $CHEDDAR can be created is through social gameplay. Each $CHEDDAR earned is the result of social activity and skill.

Players can trade $CHEDDAR on the open market at whatever price the buy-side deems appropriate. Unlike typical inflationary currencies in Play & Earn games, $CHEDDAR will not be rewarded for anti-social behaviors.

$CHEDDAR: Issuance

$CHEDDAR is an inflationary currency with an infinite supply. Generally, the game DAO will try to adjust the monetary mass of $CHEDDAR to proportionally scale with the size of the in-game economy and user base. Outside of any pre-sale activities, the Game DAO will not sell $CHEDDAR directly to players and will not accumulate $CHEDDAR inside of its Treasury.

Small portions of all emitted $CHEDDAR will be set aside for public token sales and liquidity pools and listings. The allocation would be approximately the following:

  • 94% - Rewards & Emissions

  • 4% - Listings & Liquidity Pools

  • 2% - Public Token Sales & Pre-Sales

Note: Distribution is subject to change based on community feedback and economic modeling

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