DeFi Financial System

Staking $ROYALE

$ROYALE is a governance token that can be used to vote and influence decisions around game features, game economy, content releases, and prize pools.

Staking is a way for us to reward our token holders for having a long term mindset. By locking up $ROYALE tokens in the staking dashboard, you’ll be able to earn rewards in $ROYALE (as well as other Faraway or partner tokens). In the future, staking $ROYALE will also give stakers voting rights, which can be used to vote on governance proposals, Game DAO treasury allocations, etc.

There will be several types of Staking pools available:

  • Core Pools: Initially the two Core Pools will be $ROYALE and $ROYALE/SOL. Both will offer variable locking for up to 12 months

  • Flash Pools: These pools will hold partner tokens and distribute $ROYALE, $CHEDDAR, or Partner tokens as staking rewards. The rate and time of reward distribution will vary by partner.

Staking NFTs

Staking Gun Skin NFTs for Land Control

  • Land generates Engram Fragments from mining, and Land Owners and Land Rulers can get a fraction of these Engram Fragments, as well as $CHEDDAR, through mining fees. In order to gain (or maintain) land control, a player will need to stake Guns to the Land plot. Whoever stakes the most Power will win land control and will get a portion of the fees generated by the land plot.

NFT Flash Pools

  • Additionally, there will be NFT staking pools where players will be able to stake unused NFTs in order to receive rewards. These will be limited-time Flash Pools that players will need to periodically manage (to prevent entirely passive community members from reaping a disproportionate amount of economic value)

  • These pools will hold either Mini Royale tokens or partner tokens and distribute $ROYALE, $CHEDDAR, Partner tokens, or off-chain game items as staking rewards. The rate and time of reward distribution will vary by partner.

Lending NFTs

Since we believe that players should own their assets and decide what to do with them, players will be allowed to lend NFTs to other players. This could be entirely for altruistic purposes where the lender does not collect any fees, or it can be done in order to generate some virtual yield from the lent NFTs.


Once the full game economy is up and running, we will be introducing a decentralized exchange for swapping game tokens. Introducing the DEX will help keep players in the game, because it will reduce the friction around having to move tokens off-platform in order to trade them.

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