Weapons skins are available as NFTs. However, overall weapon parameters and weapon level will be tied to the player's game account and will not be transferrable. For example:

  • 'AK-47 dragon camo' skin will be tradeable as an NFT and will be used as a cosmetic item in the shooter game, and as a stake-able item in the Land Control meta game.

  • 'AK-47' weapon type or its associated level, on the other hand, will not be an NFT

  • Weapon skins and weapon level will not give players any power advantages or power boosts in PvP gameplay; however they can give some boosts in PvE modes

The visuals of the Skin and its Rarity are fixed in advance before an item is dropped or minted; however there are some parameters that get randomized

Weapon Skin Parameters

The following RNG parameters will be available at MRN launch:

The following RNG parameters will be made available later:

The follow can be customized in-game in the future (customization gated by weapon level):

  • Reticles

  • Optics/Sights

  • Laser beams

  • Charms

Weapon Statistics

  • In the future, weapon stats may be saved to the NFT metadata directly as Proof of Activity when certain milestones are achieved

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