Each of the Land Plots in Mini Royale: Nations is part of a Nation (ex: London is part of UK, New York City is part of USA, etc). Each Nation has a set of bonuses available that trigger for a duration of time and are given to the Clan that rules that Nation.

Ruling a Nation

A Nation is ruled and controlled by the Clan that controls the most Land associated with a Nation (not just owns, but also maintains land control across these territories). The following rules also apply:

  1. The ruling Clan controls a nation for an Epoch, the time duration of which can vary from Nation to Nation

  2. The Nation’s bonuses apply to everyone in the clan for the duration of the entire Epoch that the Clan rules a Nation

  3. At the end of the Epoch, there is a snapshot taken to determine which Clan owns the most land at that point in time. This clan then gets the Nation’s boosts for the subsequent Epoch.

It’s possible for a Clan to rule multiple Nations at the same time, and stack all of those bonuses together.

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