Land is critical to the social and economic layer of the game. The Size and Rarity of the land plot will be known at the time of sale. Here are some of the parameters that will be randomized for each land plot (although they’ll be influenced by Size & Rarity):

Mining and Refining Parameters

  • Refinery Processing Throughput

  • Refinery Processing Speed

  • Mining Throughput

  • Mining Speed

  • Mining Loot Value (combination of quantity + quality of Engram Fragments + drop probability)

Land Control Parameters

  • Preferred Offensive Gun Type

  • Preferred Offensive Gun Type Bonus

  • Preferred Defensive Gun Type

  • Preferred Defensive Gun Type Bonus

  • Defensive Power

Land Layout Parameters (will vary based on Land Area)

  • Number of Builder Hut Slots

  • Number of Refinery Slots

  • Number of Mine Slots

  • Number of Generator Slots

  • Number of Defensive Slots

  • Number of Decorative Slots

  • Number of Additional Open Slots (can be used to build any building)

Additional Land Parameters

  • Population

  • Land Area

  • Terrain type (ex: Coastal, Desert, Farmland, Mountains, etc)

  • Climate type (ex: Moderate, Arid, Tropical, etc)

  • Highest point from sea level

  • Annual rainfall

  • Geography traits (ex: Volcano, Waterfall, etc)

  • Agricultural infrastructure

  • Military infrastructure

  • Tech infrastructure

  • Transport infrastructure

  • Crime level

  • Pollution level

  • Cost of Living

  • Resource % for Lumber, Oil, Dirt, Coal, Metal, Gemstones, Crops

  • Landmarks

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