Missions & Orbs

Missions & Achievements

Completing Missions is the primary way to earn Orbs. Examples of Mission systems in Mini Royale: Nations include:

  • Daily Missions

    • i.e ‘Get 10 headshots in any Snipers Only match (Ranked or Unranked)’ to win 5 Orbs

    • Reset every 24 hours

  • Weekly Missions

    • i.e ‘Finish 100 Battle Royale matches’ to win 25 Orbs

    • Reset every 7 days

  • Seasonal Missions

    • i.e ‘Participate in 4 Clan War events’ to win 50 Orbs

    • Resets every Season

  • Player Achievements

    • i.e ‘Get 1,000 kills with golden AK-47’ to win 75 Orbs

    • Does not reset, and is tied to player account


Orbs are the most common currency in the game, and are won from completing Mission objectives. It’s an off-chain currency that is accessible to players with or without a web3 wallet. The amount of Orbs won from a Mission varies, and is generally higher from missions tied to Ranked and RBE modes.

Orbs only become useful when they are refined. In order to refine Orbs and turn them into Enriched Orbs a player must take the Orbs to a piece of Land equipped with a Refinery.

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