Refining is one of the first economic activities that a player will get access to in the game. Because it’s designed to work for both crypto and non-crypto players, a player will be able to refine Enriched Orbs without any on-chain currencies / tokens - players use just Orbs to pay for the refining fees.

Once a Refinery is built on a plot of land, that Land is able to refine Orbs into Enriched Orbs. Land Owners are able to set their own processing fees for Orbs that are refined on their Private Land. In order to collect these fees, they will need to register an off-chain Faraway account and link it to their on-chain wallet.

Here is how Refining works:

  1. Player puts an Orb into a Refinery, and waits for the refining process to turn it into an Enriched Orb

  2. Player can either wait X time or can pay the game $ROYALE to speed up refining process

  3. When the refining is finished, the player can claim their Enriched Orbs and they’re sent directly to the player’s inventory (instead of going to storage like is the case for the Land Owner's fees)

  4. If the Land has a Ruler that’s different from the Land Owner, then the refining fee is set by the Ruler but split between Land Owner and Ruler (with up to 50% going to the Ruler)

Refining Yield

  • Refining is inefficient and that inefficiency is overcome by upgrading refinery buildings and Player Level

  • The final refining yield is equal to:

    Refining Yield = 100% - [Land Owner Fee] - [Ruler Fee] - [Building Modifier] - [Player Level Modifier] - [Game DAO Fee]

  • If you're the Land Owner, you don’t pay the Land Owner Fee, and if you’re the Ruler, you don’t pay the Ruler Fee, but the rest of the yield is calculated the same in the event that the Land Owner or Ruler uses land that they control to refine

Claiming Refining Fees

Here is how the Land Owners or Rulers claim their Enriched Orb fees from Refining:

  1. Enriched Orbs that are part of the Land Owner + Ruler Fees are automatically sent to Enriched Orb Storage once the refining is finished.

  2. Enriched Orbs remain in storage until collected by either the Land Owner or the Ruler, at which point they’re placed into both players’ main inventories (and split based on Land Owner / Ruler fee split). When the Enriched Orb Storage is full, refining will be stopped for all players until the storage contents are collected (or raided by an enemy player).

  3. The Ruler’s fee is taken out and distributed to the Ruler at the time that the Enriched Orbs are collected from storage

Refining Attributes

Land plots have the following refining-related attributes that are assigned to them when Land is created. These parameters can be improved by upgrading the Refinery building. However, the Land Power (combination of rarity and size) will still play a large factor in the speed or throughput of the Refinery, irrespective of the number of upgrades.

Processing Throughput

  • Maximum amount of Orbs that can be processed at any given time. Once this quantity is exceeded, the Land is unable to take in more Orbs until the existing refining orders get processed

  • This parameter is mostly influenced by land plot size, with larger plots having more processing throughput

Processing Speed

  • The refining rate that determines how many Orbs per hour can be refined

  • This parameter is mostly influenced by land plot rarity, with rarer plots having more processing speed

Note: All $ROYALE for speeding up refining progress goes to the Game DAO. The Game DAO holds all of the $ROYALE that it receives, unless otherwise decided by the governance token holders.

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