Generating Upgrade Points

Once a Generator is built on a plot of Land, that Land is able to produce Upgrade Points, which in turn can be used to upgrade Weapons, Outfits, or Buildings. Generator rewards are split between Land Owners, and current Rulers. Unlike refining and mining on Private Land, which can be accessed by other players, Upgrade Point generation on Private Land is only available to Land Owners and Rulers of that land.

How Generating Upgrade Points works on Private Land:

  1. Land Owner builds a Generator and starts collecting Upgrade Points at a rate that is determined by the Generator level

  2. If the Land plot is ruled by another player, the the Land Owner and Ruler split these rewards 50/50

  3. The collected rewards are sent to the Land Owner's and Ruler’s Point storage, and any amount that exceeds the storage capacity is automatically burnt (new point generation stops until there is room in storage)

How Generating Upgrade Points works on Public Land:

  • If the player completes all of his or her Daily Missions, then that player is granted 1 free Upgrade Point harvesting attempt per day

  • The quantity and types of Upgrade Point rewards received can vary significantly when using Public Land, and can even sometimes be zero

Upgrade Point Yield

  • Point generation is inefficient and that inefficiency is overcome by upgrading Generator Buildings and Player Level

  • The final mining yield is equal to:

    Generator Yield = 100% - [Ruler Fee] - [Clan Fee] - [Building Modifier] - [Player Level Modifier] - [Game DAO Fee]

  • If you're the Land Owner, you don’t pay the Land Owner Fee and if you’re the Ruler, you don’t pay the Ruler Fee, but the rest of the yield is calculated the same in the event that the Land Owner or Ruler uses land that they control to generate Upgrade Points

Claiming Generator Fees

Here is how Land Owners or Rulers claim their generated Upgrade Points:

  1. Upgrade Points are automatically sent to Point Storage once the generation cycle has finished.

  2. Upgrade Points remain in storage until collected by either the Land Owner or the Ruler, at which point they’re placed into both players’ main inventories (and split based on Land Owner / Ruler fee split). When the Point Storage is full, point generation will be stopped until the storage contents are collected (or raided by an enemy player).

  3. If there is a Clan Fee, then that is sent to the Clan Treasury at the same time as collection from storage, when either the Land Owner or the Ruler collect items out of storage into their main inventory.

  4. The Ruler’s fee is taken out and distributed to the Ruler at the time that the Points are collected from storage. In this case, if a Ruler recently took over a piece of Land with some points in storage, he or she can ‘raid’ a portion of what’s in storage.

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