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Clans Wars & Tournaments

Clan Wars

Clan Wars are an opportunity to play with your Clan against 1000’s of other Clans globally to win rare prizes.

Entry Requirements: Orbs + NFTs

  • In order to participate in Clan Wars, player must use on-chain NFT weapons, and cannot use their basic off-chain weapons
  • Entry attempts into Clan Wars cost Enriched Orbs that are refined from regular Orbs

Example Event Structure

  • 1 global Clan War event per week
  • Tiered leaderboard prizes
    • Individual global leaderboard based on individual points earned
    • Clan leaderboard based on clan points (everyone in Clan gets Clan leaderboard prizes)
  • Clan admin activates attempts
    • Attempts vary in difficulty
      • Easy (only uncommon guns or better can be used)
      • Medium (only rare guns or better can be used)
      • Hard (only epic guns or better can be used)
      • Brutal (only legendary guns or better can be used)
      • Higher difficulty = more max points
    • Each attempt has a time limit
      • The faster the Clan completes the attempt the more points the Clan gets
    • Each attempt costs an increasing amount of Enriched Orbs to start
    • Clan must complete all objective buckets in order to proceed to the next attempt
    • The objective buckets are broken down by different skill categories, so that there is need for specialization

Example of Mission Objectives below:

sample Clan War Mission structure
  • All Clan members contribute to the above objectives
  • Once all 4 objectives are complete, the attempt is marked as successful, points are added, and a new attempt is unlocked
  • The ‘Parameter Missions’ can vary from event to event, and use any of the Gun’s parameters (gun type, condition, etc).
  • Points earned per attempt are a combination of Base Points * Completion Time

Bracket Tournaments

A classic tourney format where you have an opportunity to play with your Clan against a few similarly ranked Clans for both prizes and bragging rights

Example Tournament Event Structure:

  • Some X# of brackets per day, with some tied to RBE rule set variations
  • 16 Clans pay 100 $CHEDDAR to enter and top 4 Clans win prizes (Clan collectively pays this amount)
  • For example:
    • 10K $CHEDDAR entry cost
    • Top 1 wins 8K $CHEDDAR
    • Top 2 wins 4K $CHEDDAR
    • Top 3 wins 2K $CHEDDAR
    • Top 4 wins 1K $CHEDDAR
Clan Leader distributes winnings to members based on their contribution