Burn Mechanics

There will be several item burning mechanics in MRN, each with their own outcome and purpose:

Burn Collection to Create New Item

  • Some of the items may only be obtainable through burning other items.

  • For example, burn 3 gun skins to spin a rare Character Emotes crate

Burn Copies to Modify Existing Item

  • Some item parameters may only be increased by burning items of the same type

  • For example, burn 2 field-tested condition gun skins to get an upgraded ‘minimal wear’ condition gun skin

  • The effects of these parameters will not impact PvP matches but can have an effect in PvE modes or PvE events

Burn Skin to Decompose into Upgrade Points

  • Some items will be decomposable into Upgrade Points

  • For example, burn 1 Rare ‘AK-47 Winter Camo’ skin to receive 100 ‘AK-47’ Upgrade Points

Burn Building Blueprint to Fuse to Land

  • Utility building Blueprints can be fused to a Land Plot and burnt in the process

  • For example, burn 1 Rare Mine Blueprint to fuse the Mine to City X

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