Upgrading Weapons

Upgrading Weapons

Weapons can be upgraded using the correct Upgrade Points that match that Weapon Type.

  • These upgrades apply at the Weapon Type level and not at the Weapon Skin level, therefore once a weapon (like an AK-47) is upgraded, all skins for that Weapon Type receive the upgraded parameters

  • Weapon upgrades are tied to the player account and do not transfer when a weapon skin is sold

Upgrade Parameters

Here are some of the weapon type parameters that will increase as a weapon is upgraded:

  • Damage modifiers in PvE

  • Elemental effect modifiers in PvE

  • Ability to use new Special Bullet types with this weapon

  • Offensive power boost modifier (for Land Staking)

  • Defensive power boost modifier (for Land Staking)

Land control-related boosts, like Offensive and Defensive power boost modifiers don’t apply to guns that are already staked to a land plot, and have to be unstaked in order to receive the upgraded stats.

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