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Upgrading & Repairing Buildings

Upgrading Buildings

Utility Buildings are upgradeable, and cost $CHEDDAR and Building Upgrade Points to upgrade. By upgrading, the owner is able to increase some of the underlying parameters of his or her buildings:
  • HQ Building
    • Upgrades allow owner to upgrade other buildings to higher levels
  • Refinery
    • Upgrades increase refinery speed and throughput, and improves the refinery yield
  • Enriched Orb Storage
    • Upgrades increase storage capacity
  • Mine
    • Upgrades provide a drop probability modifier and increase the chances of higher tier Engram Fragments being dropped
    • Upgrades also improve the mining yield
  • Engram Fragment Storage
    • Upgrades increase Engram Fragment storage capacity
Note: Only the Land Owner can build or upgrade buildings.

Repairing Buildings

Defensive buildings, like Walls, require repair after taking damage. Repair requires the following:
  • Cost: X $CHEDDAR * Inflation Coefficient
  • Repair Time: 3 hours (level 1)
Once repaired, the HP and Defensive Power of the building goes back to 100%.
Note: All $CHEDDAR collected for upgrading or repairing buildings (and speeding up progress) goes to the Game DAO. The Game DAO burns all of the $CHEDDAR that it receives, unless otherwise decided by the governance token holders.