Faraway Map Creator Guide

Everything you need to know about creating maps for Mini Royale: Nations

The Faraway Creator Program works with map artists to create one-of-a-kind environmental experiences in Mini Royale: Nations.

General Guidelines

There are no aesthetic requirements for maps. We accept maps of all styles and themes. Visual quality of maps is subjective, but we recommend reviewing the existing maps available in Mini Royale: Nations to get a feel for the level of quality that we will accept. You can review all our maps by creating private rooms and selecting the maps you want to view.

Map artists are welcome to use free and paid asset packs, but please review Unity’s guidelines on using asset packs in your map, since not all assets from the Asset Store can be used.

Technical Requirements

There should be 2 files included in your submission:

1. Visual map file

  • File format: .glb

  • Size maximum: 20 MB

  • Draw call maximum: 400

  • Polygon count maximum: 500k

2. Physics file

  • File format: .glb

  • Size maximum: 6 MB

  • This file should contain only geometry, and should not include textures, normal, uv, etc.

Requirements for 3D models and scenes

  • Pivot point = 0

  • No unnecessary rotations or scaling

  • Use instance

  • Use hierarchy

  • Clean UV

Submission Process

Maps can be sent to the Faraway team via the map submission form here: https://forms.gle/fM2kWinRfnxKzwfu5

Acceptance Process

Maps are evaluated based on the below criteria:

  • Adherence to technical requirements

  • Originality

  • Quality

Acceptance of maps is at the discretion of the Faraway team. If your map has been rejected, we may include requested changes to your map in our rejection message to you. You are welcome to resubmit after updating your map.

If a map has been accepted, the creator will be notified via Discord DM. A group chat will be set up to handle edit rounds to ensure that the map is playable in Mini Royale: Nations.


Creators will be compensated with a payment of $200 USDC per approved, finalized map to the wallet linked to their Faraway account. Payment will be delivered after the map has been finalized with the Faraway Map Team.

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