What is an NFT game?

A NFT game is a game that uses non-fungible tokens as a core part of the experience. These NFTs are typically in the form of avatars or skins.

What are the NFTs in Mini Royale: Nations?

Weapon skins, character skins, land, buildings, tools, and more will exist as NFTs that can be bought, borrowed, and sold in a free and open economy in Mini Royale.

How do I buy an NFT from Mini Royale: Nations?

There are multiple ways to to purchase or earn an NFT in Mini Royale:

  1. Purchase an NFT from through Magic Eden

  2. You can create a full NFT with shards. Earn Loot shards by progressing through a seasonal Battle Pass, Challenges, Contracts and daily attendance.

  3. Purchase spins on Premium Samurai Drop to collect Premium Shards.

Check this guide to learn more about how to use shards in game

I own an NFT from Mini Royale. Now what?

  • Create an account in Mini Royale, login, and connect your Web3 wallet. Voila! Your NFTs should now be viewable and equippable in your Loadouts inventory;

  • You can stake your NFTs in weekly Clan Wars to earn more points;

  • Season 4 Premium NFTs can be used to unlock Season 4 Premium Battle Pass tiers;

  • You can use your NFTs to unlock & complete contracts;

  • Loot NFTs can be fused in the lab. Premium fusion coming soon.

How can players get added to a whitelist for future drops?

Player Level and ownership of the $ROYALE governance token will give players special access to whitelists for future NFT drops. Exact amounts of each could vary with each NFT drop and will be announced at the beginning of each season.

Which Solana wallet should I install?

We recommend installing Phantom Wallet.

How to connect Solana wallet to my game account?

We created a simple guide for everyone who wants to know how to connect their wallets:

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