Clan Wars (Beta) Guide

Clan Wars are global multi-day Clan competitions that require military and economic strategy.

Clan Wars are launched every few weeks. Clans earn Military and Economic Points during the event to advance on the leaderboard and receive special, even-exclusive prizes.

Military Points

Military Points are awarded from successfully completing Raids, and determine a Clan’s position on the Clan War Tiered Leaderboard.


Raids are a set of Clan missions that must be completed by the Clan to receive Military Points. Each Raid attempt costs an amount of Enriched Orbs (eOrbs) to activate. The faster the Clan completes all of the missions in the Raid, the more Military points the Clan receives. If a Raid is not completed, no points are awarded, and the cost of eOrbs to restart the Raid attempt will not increase.

Raid Difficulties

Raid attempts have 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Each difficulty level has different missions and awards different amounts of Military Points. A Raid started on Easy difficulty will have easier missions to complete, but will reward fewer Military Points, for example.

Only Clan Leaders and Officers can select the difficulty level of a Raid attempt and start the Raid.

Raid Attempts

Each Raid attempt has an 8-hour time limit and an associated difficulty level.

If a Clan completes a Raid successfully, they can then unlock a new Raid Attempt Level - the eOrb cost for entering each Raid Attempt increases as new Raid Attempts are unlocked. The next Raid Attempt will then award an increased number of Military Points.

Clans can't perform the same Raid Attempt more than once if it has been successfully completed. Raid Attempts will automatically move to the next level, but Clans can opt into any level of difficulty for the next level of the Raid Attempt.

Raid Timing

The amount of Military Points awarded to a Clan after a Raid is successfully completed is affected by the amount of time it takes for the Clan to complete the raid. If a clan completes a Raid in 3 hours, they will receive more Military Points than if they took 7 hours to complete the same Raid.


Missions are a group of tasks inside of a Raid. Clans must complete all Mission tracks in order to receive Military points and advance to the next Raid. Failing to complete all Mission tracks in the 8-hour time limit will result in 0 points, and the clan will need to repay the required amount of eOrbs to try again.

Economic Points

Economic Points are earned through staking. Each Clan War, certain skins will have boosts for staking based on their attributes.

Base Points

Different amounts of Base Points are rewarded per hour based on the type of item that's been staked:

  • Loot weapon Uncommon: 6 points / hr

  • Loot weapon Rare: 8 points / hr

  • Loot weapon Epic: 10 points / hr

  • Loot weapon Legendary: 12 points / hr

  • Loot character Uncommon: 12 points / hr

  • Loot character Rare: 14 points / hr

  • Loot character Epic: 16 points / hr

  • Loot character Legendary: 18 points / hr

  • Premium Uncommon: 20 points / hr

  • Premium Rare: 22 points / hr

  • Premium Epic: 24 points / hr

  • Premium Legendary: 26 points / hr

  • Special Uncommon: 24 points / hr

  • Special Rare: 26 points / hr

  • Special Epic: 28 points / hr

  • Special Legendary: 30 points / hr

Bonus Points

There are 3 types of Bonuses that serve as multipliers on top of Base Points: Event Staking Bonuses, Rarity Staking Bonuses and Level Bonuses

Event Staking Bonuses are percentage increases determined by specific metadata attributes. These bonuses change each Clan War

Rarity Staking Bonuses focus on high rarity items and are percentage increases determined by the items' Primary Name. Primary Name is an attribute in the metadata of the item. These boosted skins change each Clan War

Level Bonuses are boosts determined by the level of the item that has been staked. The higher the level, the higher the Bonus Points. These amounts stay the same each Clan War.

Enriched Orbs (eOrbs)

Orbs are an in-game off-chain currency earned through Quests, Battle Pass, Daily Attendance, Level Rewards, and through the Lucky Shooting Range.

Orbs can be refined into Enriched Orbs and donated to a player’s Clan Treasury to start a Raid attempt. Players must be in a Clan for at least 7 days before they can donate eOrbs. Once donated, eOrbs live in the Clan Treasury and cannot be reclaimed by players.


As of Season 4, one Premium hero will be launched each week and will provide a huge boost in Raids and Staking. This hero can be unlocked at or purchased on Magic Eden.

Check out our guide for more information on weekly boosted heroes.

Equipped Item Boosts

Clan Wars can have specific boosts provided to players who use minted items (Premium or Loot) with certain attributes. Boosts and the items required to trigger each Boost change with each Clan War.

Boosts apply to the required actions of the Mission. For example, if a Mission requires usage of an AK47 to get a certain number of kills, and there is a Boost active for 200% for AK47s with the Eagle Eye perk, then using an AK47 with the Eagle Eye perk will result in an additional 2x added to the number of kills counted towards the mission (1 normal kill + 2 kills from boost).

Examples of Boosts:

  • 100% Boost for using a minted Hero with a Cancer zodiac sign

  • 200% Boost for using a minted Hero from Season 2

  • 100% Boost for using a minted weapon with Factory New condition

  • 100% Boost for using a minted Hero with Allegiance to the Secret Society

If a player engages in a mission with multiple boost items equipped, then Boost percentage will be added together. For example, looking at the example Boosts above, if a player uses a Factory New weapon and a Hero with the Cancer zodiac sign, they will receive a 200% boost on all mission task completions.

Continuing the example: If the player has these two items equipped in a Mission that requires 50 CTF wins, and they win 1 CTF match, they will have earned 3 CTF wins with the total bonuses of 2x 100% applied.

Clan War Prizes

Prizes are awarded to Clans based on their position on the Clan Wars Tiered Leaderboard. There can be multiple Clans in the same tier.

Prizes include the in-game off-chain token $BUTTER and various quantities of loot items. Loot item prizes are delivered to the Clan Treasury off-chain, and must be minted by players.

Event Rewards

Prizes will alternate with each Clan War. Prizes can be Battle Pass Points (if a Battle Pass is live), $BUTTER, Loot Weapons, and Loot Character skins. There is a larger quantity of prizes for Tier 1 on the Clan Leaderboard, with prize amounts decreasing as Tiers go down.

Clan War Leaderboards

Intra-Clan Leaderboard

The Intra-Clan Leaderboard is visible only to members of the same clan. It shows the number of Enriched Orbs that have been donated to the clan and the amount of Military Points earned by specific players.

Clan War Tiered Leaderboard

The Clan War Tiered Leaderboard shows the global list of clans and their respective positions on the leaderboard, as determined by the amount of Points that they have earned during the Clan War.

This leaderboard also shows the prizes for each Tier.

Individual Tiered Leaderboard

The Individual Tiered Leaderboard ranks players by how many points (Military and Economic combined) they contributed to their Clan during the Clan War.

Clan Treasury Transfer History

Clan War prizes are sent to the Clan Treasury. From the Clan Treasury, Clan Leaders can distribute prizes to anyone in their clan. The Clan Treasury Transfer History is a log of transactions to and from the Clan Treasury, and is visible only to members of the same Clan.

Transactions like eOrbs donated, Clan War prizes received, prizes sent, and $BUTTER sent are logged here.

Clan Wars Prizes

Full guide here.

Prizes change each Clan War, but generally include:

  • Butter

  • Battle Pass Points

  • Enriched Orbs

  • Hero/Weapon Shards

  • $SOL

Prizes are distributed to the Top 6 Clans and to the Top 100 Players in the Clan War. Both leaderboards are based on the number of points accrued by the Clan or the player during the Clan War.

$SOL payouts for the Top 6 Clans are sent to the game-connected wallet of the Clan Leader. Payouts for players are sent to the game-connected wallet of the player. If no wallet is connected at the time of payout distribution, the $SOL will be considered forfeited and will go to the upcoming Clan War Jackpot.

Off-chain rewards like Butter, BP Points, Shards, etc are delivered immediately after the Clan War ends (when any ongoing Raids started by Clans before the Raid Deadline have ended).

There is a 24 hour delay for $SOL prizes to be distributed. This period allows Faraway to vet players to ensure fair play. If players are banned or if they leave their Clan during this time period, they will not receive $SOL prizes. It is essential that players remain in their Clans until all prizes have been received, otherwise, they will not receive prizes.

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