Faraway Hero & Weapon Creator Guide

Everything you need to know about creating and selling Hero and Weapon skins for Mini Royale: Nations and Faraway partnered experiences


The Faraway Creator Program supports and showcases asset creators, letting them earn money from their works listed on their Creator Storefront.

Currently, we are accepting assets in the form of textures for existing Season 4 characters and weapons in Mini Royale: Nations. We plan to expand the types of assets that creators can make to include 3d models for characters and weapons in Mini Royale: Nations, and buildings for Faraway Land.

There are two types of Faraway Creators:

  • Creators

  • Sponsored Creators


Talent knows no boundaries - Anyone can submit assets for the Faraway Marketplace!

Head to the Creator Page to get started.

After submitting your skins and setting a price, your content will be approved or rejected by the Faraway Community team.

You will be contacted via Discord with notice of approval or rejection, so be sure to include your Discord username in your submission.

If your asset has been approved for listing, your Creator Storefront will be set up automatically. Any future approved creations will be listed on your storefront.


All purchases on the Faraway Marketplace and on Storefronts will accept $SOL as payment. In the future, we will expand this to include other on-chain currencies. You will earn:

  • 90% of the $SOL sale price for all items listed on your Creator Storefront

  • 50% of the $SOL sale price for all items listed on the Faraway Marketplace (if selected for showcasing)

  • 50% of the $SOL sale price for all items sold via the Mini Royale: Nations in-game Inventory page

Additional Perks

Your creations will be considered for listing on the Faraway Marketplace, where players and community members can browse top assets from creators.

You will also be able to apply for the Sponsored Creator tier and earn a minimum of $250 USDC per month after successful listing of 6 skins.

The best Creators will be selected as Sponsored Creators - This status is reserved for the top performing Creators and acceptance to this program is at the sole discretion of the Faraway team.

Selection Process

After receiving approval of 5 skins, creators can apply to be a Sponsored Creator through the Faraway Sponsored Creator Application Form.

Sponsored Creators will be selected based on their creativity, technical ability, and consistency.


  • Earning minimum of $250 USDC per month as a Sponsored Candidate Creator; this amount is paid out at the end of the month

  • Ability to list assets for sale on the Faraway Marketplace

    • Earnings of 50% of the sale price for all items listed on Faraway Marketplace after the $250 threshold is recouped*

    • Earnings of 90% of the sale price for all items listed on their Creator Storefront after the $250 threshold is recouped*

  • Featuring in Creator Showcase section of the Faraway Marketplace

Minimum Guarantee Example

The $250 USDC per month is a minimum guaranteed amount per month for Sponsored Creators. All monthly creator earnings go toward recouping this amount before any additional earnings are paid to the creator.

  • Scenario 1 - Sponsored Creator makes $100 per month from selling on their own Creator Storefront

    • Sponsored Creator earns $250 total for that month even though their actual earnings were only $100

    • Faraway is paid $100; Faraway collects 100% of the Creator's earnings until the $250 is recouped

  • Scenario 2 - Sponsored Creator makes $500 per month from selling on their own Creator Storefront

    • Sponsored Creator gets their Minimum Guarantee plus its share of all earnings over $250

    • Because the Sponsored Creator sold on their own Creator Storefront, they get 90% of all sales revenue

    • Total Sponsored Creator Monthly Earnings = 250 + (90% * (500-250)) = $475


To maintain the position of Sponsored Creator, creators must meet the following deliverables in the month following their acceptance:

  • 10 approved creations per month

How to Submit Your Modded Skins

  1. Head to the Creator Submission page and log in to get started.

  2. Select the asset you want to create a texture for and click Download Hero Files. You will receive a zipped file with:

    1. 3d model (.fbx format)

    2. Color texture (.png format)

    3. Emission (.png format)

  1. Link your Discord - We will contact you via Discord to notify you if your skin has been approved or rejected

  2. Enter the wallet address where you want to receive your sales revenue

  1. Select the 3d model that you are modding from the drop down

  2. Enter your sales price (currently in $SOL only)

  3. Enter the name of your modded skin

  1. Upload your texture (required) and your emission (optional)

  2. Click Submit For Review!

NOTE: Be sure that your textures meet all texture submission requirements:

  • Texture file must be in PNG format

  • Texture size should be 4096x4096px

  • Make sure to download and upload the following textures: Color (diffuse) texture + Emission (optional)

  • Your texture/asset name must not contain anything offensive

  • Your texture must fit the 3D model of the hero you downloaded

  • Max file size 10MB

Coming Soon

  • Ability to submit custom 3d models for weapons and characters in Mini Royale: Nations

  • Ability to submit custom 3d models and textures for buildings in Faraway Land

  • Multi-chain price options

  • Affiliate codes!

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