The Endless Genesis Collection Minting Guide

What to do to secure an Endless Genesis hero

About The Endless Genesis Collection

The world is changing. Global warming, deforestation, pollution, and species loss enshroud society. In this apocalyptic world, a light shines in the dark. The Endless awake with a singular mission: to save the world from the impending doomsday. Turning their ancient samurai helmets into gas masks, these heroes rise from the fog to serve as our final defense against humanity’s demise.
The Endless is a special collaboration between Faraway and IFTOYS, an exclusive designer collectible brand by celebrated artist Wenzi Tao. Each PFP comes with an interoperable 3D Hero that can be equipped in over 6,000 games and virtual worlds, including Mini Royale: Nations.

Collection Size


Creator Fee






Mint Date

Thursday, April 27 @ 10AM ET

Mint Price


Mint Site

How to Get on the Whitelist

Faraway has partnered with FreeNFT to provide an optimal whitelist experience for new community members. The whitelist for The Endless Genesis Collection will not be over allocated - There are exactly 888 whitelist spots available.
Follow the instructions on the FreeNFT page to register for the whitelist. The whitelist will close for registrations about 1 week before the mint. At this time, FreeNFT will announce that the whitelist has been finalized and is public. You will be able to check if you are on the whitelist by connecting your wallet at https://freenft.com/whitelist/faraway.
Faraway has also reserved a small amount of whitelist spots for existing Faraway and Mini Royale: Nations community members.

How to Mint

The only site for minting The Endless Genesis Collection is iftoys.faraway.com.
On mint day, head to the mint site and click Continue with Faraway
You can then connect your MetaMask.
Follow the steps in your MetaMask plugin to connect your wallet.
If your wallet has been whitelisted, the Continue with Faraway button will change to a Mint button and you will be able to mint.
Click the Mint button to proceed to the free mint.
By using Faraway Checkout to mint your Free Endless Genesis hero, you will be able to choose the wallet you want to mint to as well as the wallet you want to send the hero to. You can choose to send the hero to a different wallet from the wallet you mint. There is no additional gas fee to send the hero to a different wallet.
Please note that you will need to cover any gas fees for the initial mint.