Fungible Tokens

What coins will Mini Royale: Nations use?

Mini Royale uses an array of both on-chain and off-chain currencies. Please refer to the whitepaper for a description of each:

When and where can I buy $CHEDDAR?

$CHEDDAR will be earn-able in the game when the Token Economy is released. $CHEDDAR is a game currency token that’s given out as a reward to players for different social activities in the game - this means that all $CHEDDAR is generated from player activity. $CHEDDAR can then be bought or sold on any crypto exchange after it is issued.

Is the in-game token going to be listed on a crypto exchange?

$CHEDDAR and $ROYALE will be listed on crypto exchanges

What can I do with Orbs?

Orbs are an off-chain currency awarded for completing Daily & Weekly missions. Orbs can then be converted to Enriched Orbs through the use of a Refinery. These Enriched Orbs are then used to enter Clan events.

What can I do with $CHEDDAR?

$CHEDDAR is used for the following actions in Mini Royale:

  • Less Premium Crates

  • Less Premium Battle Pass

  • Mining & Exploration Fees

  • Building Construction / Upgrades

  • Building Repair

  • Weapon / Armor Upgrades

  • Armor / Tool Repair

  • $CHEDDAR Secondary Marketplace

What can I do with $ROYALE?

$ROYALE is used for the following actions in Mini Royale:

  • Premium Crates

  • Premium NFT Drops

  • Premium NFT Auctions

  • Premium Battle Pass

  • Land

  • Building Construction / Upgrades

  • Timer Speed-ups

  • Pre-Sale / VIP Access

  • Clan DAO Tokens

  • Alliance DAO Tokens

How do I earn money from playing Mini Royale?

Players can earn $CHEDDAR as a reward for different social activities in the game like Clan Wars and Alliance World Events. Players are then able to sell $CHEDDAR to others on a crypto exchange of their choice.

In Season 4 we've launched a weekly Solana Jackpot grand prize for Clan Wars. Players in clans can participate in clan wars to share a prize pool of $SOL tokens each week.

Curious how Jackpot mechanic works? Check out this guide!

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