Bonfire Guide

The Loot! The Loot! The Loot is on Fire! You can now burn Loot Heroes for Burn Points.

This season, we launched an all new way to access Mini Royale: Nations Premium Heroes โ€“ The Premium Samurai Drop.

In the Premium Samurai Drop, players can spend $SOL to unlock shards of Heroes, including the weekly featured Hero that provides a huge boost in raid progress and staking points for each Clan War.

You can check out our guide on the Premium Samurai Drop here.

ICYMI: Premium Heroes are a collection of Mini Royale character skins with special perks like:

  • Unlocking Premium Battle Pass

  • Unlocking Premium Contracts

  • Providing Battle Pass Boost

  • Providing boosts in Clan Wars raids and staking points

Holders of Premium Heroes have also received airdrops of skins like weapons and gear

Now, we are introducing Burn Points, a free way for players to get Hero shards!

What Are Burn Points?

Burn Points are a new game currency that can be used to unlock Premium Hero Shards in the Premium Samurai Drop.

Players receive Burn Points from burning Loot Hero skins in the Bonfire. Note that you must be logged in to your Faraway account to access the Bonfire. Hit Sign In on to log in - Your Faraway login uses the same creds as your Mini Royale account.

Loot Heroes must be minted in order to be burned. Heroes and weapons can be minted in game after all shards have been collected and the item has been summoned in the Lab.

With this release, only Loot Heroes can be burned for Burn Points. Youโ€™ll be able to burn Loot Weapons and unequipped Gear for Burn Points soon!

The amount of Burn Points received depends on three factors:

  • Power Level of the Hero

  • Equipped Gear

  • Season of the Hero

Power Level

Each Premium and Loot Hero has a Power Level that is determined by various attributes of that Hero. Equipping Gear to a Hero also affects Power Level by boosting various progression stats like strength, toughness, vitality, and more.

Power Level does not currently affect PvP gameplay, but will play an important part in PvE modes.

When a Loot Hero is burned in the Bonfire, their Power Level contributes to how many Burn Points the player will receive after the burn.

Equipped Gear

Gear is a mintable item that boosts a Heroโ€™s Power Level when equipped. Each piece of Gear has a type, alignment, allegiance, and set.

Gear can be unlocked in game through Fusion Contracts. You can also scoop up Gear on Magic Eden.

Important note: When a Loot Hero that has Gear equipped is burned in the Bonfire, the Gear also contributes to how many Burn Points the player will receive after the burn.


The Season that the Hero was released in contributes to the Season Vintage Bonus, which works like wine: The older the Hero, the better!

The Season Vintage Bonus is applied to the Power Level and Gear Points of the Loot Hero.

How Do I Get Burn Points?

To receive Burn Points, head to the Bonfire. Then choose the Loot Heroes that you want to Burn. Some Heroes will provide more Burn Points than others, so choose wisely! You can see how many Burn Points you will receive from the Burn alone after you select a Hero.

Get Extra Burn Points with Butter

You can also spend Butter for a random bonus multiplier to the Burn Points you receive for that Hero by spending Butter.

ICYMI: Butter is a game currency earned from Battle Pass, Clan Wars and Premium Contracts.

After each Burn, players can spend 500 Butter for a chance at up to 10x more Burn Points.

The chart below shows the probabilities for different Burn Point Bonuses:

What Does Burning a Loot Hero Do?

Burning a Hero essentially removes that Hero from existence. It is removed from supply and unable to be accessed by the holder. Itโ€™s important to note that any Gear equipped to a Hero that is burned in the Bonfire will also be removed from supply and inaccessible to the holder.

What Can I Do with Burn Points?

Once you have Burn Points, you can spend them on the Premium Samurai Drop to unlock Hero Shards. If you donโ€™t have Burn Points, you can still spend SOL to unlock Hero Shards.

The cost in Burn Points for the Premium Samurai Drop are:

  • 1 spin - 18 Burn Points

  • 10 spins - 164 Burn Points

  • 100 spins - 1454 Burn Points

Head to the Bonfire and cast your Loot Heroes into the flames!

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