Mini Royale x Sank Toys Special Collection Holding Benefits

Benefits for holding Sank Heroes πŸš€

If we haven’t made it clear by now, we are absolutely thrilled about our collaboration with Sank Toys – now, we’re announcing the special bonuses and benefits for hanging onto your Sank Heroes.

In case you missed it:

The Mini Royale x Sank Toys Collection will launch on July 7 on Magic Eden, along with in-game content updates including a new Arena map (Lonely Park), a Sank home screen takeover, and a new and very special 1-month series of quests that reward rare Sank weapons and character skins, available only to owners of Sank Heroes.

Owning a Mini Royale x Sank Toys Hero will be like owning a piece of history from our first ever in-game brand collab 🀩

There are two types of NFTs in the Sank Special Collection

  1. Mini Royale x Sank Toys (Special): ultra rare 3,888 finite supply NFTs, featuring unique Mini Royale x Sank Toys skins that won’t be available anywhere else in the game

  2. Mini Royale x Sank Toys (Loot): different set of Sank-themed characters and weapons, earned only through completion of the limited-time Sank Scavenger Hunt, an in-game, multi-week Quest. These items need to be leveled up through in-game usage in order to be minted as NFTs. Total quantity will depend on the number of players participating in the hunt.

Below are a few reasons why you’re going to want to get your hands on a Sank Hero and Hold On for Dear Life:

1. Season 3 Airdrop for Sank Hero Holders πŸ‘€

You will be airdropped one Season 3 Premium NFT for every set of 1 Sank Special Hero + 1 Loot Collection item (any season, includes Sank Loot). These sets must be in a single wallet.

This means that if you have 2 Sank Special Drop NFTs and 2 Loot Collection NFTs before the start of Season 3, you will receive an airdrop of two Season 3 Premium NFTs.

Season 3 will feature our first ever Premium Collection Hero airdrop. If you want to make sure you get a S3 Hero, you’re definitely going to want some Sanks.

We will announce a snapshot date for this airdrop later in July πŸ₯³

2. Access to the Sank Scavenger Hunt

Starting on July 7th, a multi-week limited Quest called the Sank Scavenger Hunt will go live on Mini Royale πŸš€

No Sank hero means no Sank Scavenger Hunt (sadly). Be sure to grab a Sank so that you can earn ultra rare in-game items, and to have a shot at winning 1 of 3 legendary mutated weapons hand-crafted by the Faraway team - there will only be 3 of these in existence…ever.

There are now level requirements for Quests:

  • Daily Quests - Available from Player Level 1

  • Season Quests - Available from Player Level 5

  • Limited Quests - Available from Player Level 21

  • Special Quests (includes all Sank Quests) - Available from Player Level 34

Weeks 1 - 4: Players must use a Mini Royale x Sank Toys (Special) Hero to complete in-game achievements and unlock special Sank Loot items like smoke grenades, baseball bats, and pistols.

Week 5: Players must use a Mini Royale x Sank Toys (Special) Hero and specific Sank Loot Weapons earned in the previous quests to win the legendary Skull & Bones Sank Loot Character.

Week 6: Players must use the Skull & Bones Sank Loot Character and complete a series of difficult tasks to unlock the Legendary Sank Loot Weapon - The Sank Soaker. This will be the only Legendary Sank Loot Weapon in the collection.

πŸ”₯ The Grand Prize πŸ”₯

The first three players to unlock, level up, mint, and then send their Legendary Sank Loot Weapon to a specified πŸ§ͺ Sank Lab wallet address πŸ§ͺ will receive a mutated 1 of 3 variant of the weapon, as well as a USDC prize.

1st place: Mutated legendary weapon version 1/3 + $500 USDC

2nd place: Mutated legendary weapon version 2/3 + $300 USDC

3rd place: Mutated legendary weapon version 3/3 + $200 USDC

3. Access to Premium Battle Pass

Sank Special Heroes will unlock the Premium Tier of the Season 3 Battle Pass

How it Works

  • The Season 3 Battle Pass will include two tiers of winnable prizes: 1) Premium Prizes and 2) Regular Prizes

  • Premium Prizes will include higher rarity rewards that will only be available to those players that have access to the Premium Battle Pass

  • In order to unlock the Premium Battle Pass Tier, you must stake your Premium or Sank Special NFT for 60 days. Keep in mind that while the NFT is staked, it will not be tradable on any marketplace.

  • Note: S1 and S2 Premium NFTs can also be staked to access the Season 3 Battle Pass

  • Note: When you stake your Sank Special NFT, you will still be able to play with it in the game. When it's staked, you will see a "LOCKED" version of your NFT that was staked added to your wallet. Example "Locked"/Staked NFT below.

4. Battle Pass Boost

Sank Special holders will earn extra Battle Pass points, allowing them to progress through the Battle Pass faster in the Season 3 Battle Pass

How it Works

  • After a match, Sank Special Drop and Premium Drop holders will get extra Battle Pass points

  • There are 5 tiers of boosts

    • Tier 1: 10% boost for holders of one Premium or Sank Special Drop NFT

    • Tier 2: 20% boost for holders of 2-4 Premium or Sank Special Drop NFTs

    • Tier 3: 30% boost for holders of 5+ Premium or Sank Special Drop NFTs

    • Tier 4: 40% boost for holders of 10-24 Premium or Sank Special Drop NFTs

    • Tier 5: 50% boost for holders of 25+ Premium or Sank Special Drop NFTs

  • NFTs listed on a marketplaces will not be eligible to receive these rewards because marketplaces take custody of the items that get listed

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