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Gear and Power Level are Live on Mini Royale: Nations!

Gear — game items that can be equipped for special functionality or to boost character stats — have been a staple of RPGs for decades. And now, we’re bringing gear to Mini Royale: Nations, with a web3 spin of course.

But how do you deal with gear on-chain? How can you equip an NFT to another NFT? How will this parent-child relationship look and function in a marketplace? Without any examples to reference or work with, we built a system that we call NFT Imprinting — the ability for an on-chain item to “own” another. Pretty cool, right?

When a player equips gear to a Hero in game, that gear is then merged into the metadata of the Hero. If the player rents out, sells, or sends that Hero to another wallet, the imprinted gear stays attached.

NFT Imprinting is one of many features of the Faraway Platform. We’re excited to have this novel implementation finally out in the wild!


We use a 3rd party system, cardinal, to handle rentals. There are some limitations in what we can control with their rental system.

  • If you rent out a Hero with Gear equipped, there is a risk that the Gear will be unequipped by the renter and not returned to you. Our recommendation is to not list any Heroes with gear equipped for rent on cardinal.

  • If you equip Gear to a Hero that you rented on cardinal, the Gear will be sent to the original Hero owner once the rental period is up. Be sure to unequip any Gear from rented Heroes before the rental period is over, or to be extra careful, do not equip Gear to Heroes that you rented from someone else.

  • As always, we advise against any P2P trades for any items in MRN

Now, onto the details! There are 3 things to cover: Base Progression Stats, Gear, and Power Level:

Hero Base Progression Stats

On their own, Heroes have Base Progression Stats unrelated to gear. These stats are determined by Season, Collection, Zodiac, Allegiance, and Rarity of the Hero. These stats are also boosted at different rates depending on the Item Level of the Hero.

Progression Stats include:

  • Strength (attack)

  • Toughness (defense)

  • Vitality (HP)

  • Agility (speed)

  • Intellect (accuracy)

  • Luck (resist)

By Collection

Base Progression Stats are linked to Hero Collection.

Premium Heroes have the highest stats, followed by Special Collection Heroes, then by Loot Collection.

By Rarity

Base Progression Stats are linked to Hero Rarity.

Legendary Heroes having the highest stats, followed by Epic, then Rare, then Uncommon.

By Season

Base Progression Stats are affected by the Season that the Hero belongs to. Certain Seasons boost or detract from certain base stats.

By Allegiance

Base Progression Stats are affected by the Allegiance that the Hero has. Certain Allegiances boost or detract from certain base stats.

By Zodiac

Base Progression Stats are affected by the Zodiac that the Hero has. Certain Zodiacs boost or detract from certain base stats.

Base Stat Boost per Level

Heroes and weapons have Item Levels that can be increased through in-game usage.

Base Stats are boosted by Item Levels depending on their Collection and Rarities:

Premium Collection

  • Legendary: +120 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Epic: +40 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Rare: +20 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Uncommon: +8 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

Special Collection

  • Legendary: +60 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Epic: +16 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Rare: +8 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Uncommon: +4 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

Loot Collection

  • Legendary: +48 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Epic: +12 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Rare: +4 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

  • Uncommon: +2 points to each Base Stat per Item Level

Gear Overview

So what do Base Progression Stats have to do with gear?

In short, equipping gear adds boosts to Base Progressions Stats of a Hero based on the gear’s attributes:

  • Type

  • Primary Stat

  • Substats

  • Alignment

  • Rarity

  • Allegiance


There are 6 types of gear now live in Mini Royale: Nations: Rings, Necklaces, Watches, Bracelets, Perfume, and Belts.

Primary Stats & Substats

All gear has 1 Primary Stat, and 0 to 3 Substats. Substats will be coming in V2. The Primary Stats and Substats of the gear boost the Base Progression Stats of the Hero the gear has been equipped to.

Each gear type (necklace, belt, etc) has one predetermined Primary Stat:

  • Necklace: Strength

  • Belt: Toughness

  • Perfume: Vitality

  • Bracelet: Agility or Strength

  • Ring: Intellect or Toughness

  • Watch: Luck or Vitality

Substats of the same categories are applied to different gear items:

  • Necklace: Strength, Toughness, Agility or Vitality

  • Belt: Toughness, Vitality, Agility or Intellect

  • Perfume: Vitality, Agility, Intellect or Luck

  • Bracelet: Toughness, Vitality, Intellect or Luck

  • Ring: Strength, Vitality, Agility or Luck

  • Watch: Strength, Toughness, Agility, or Intellect


Gear can be either Good or Evil.

Good gear can be equipped on Heroes whose metadata Alignment is Good. Evil gear can be equipped on heroes whose Alignment is Evil. And if a Hero has an Alignment of Morally Flexible, they can equip both Good and Evil gear.

Rarity (Coming in V2)

In addition to type (ring, belt, etc) and alignment (good or evil), gear also has rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary.

Rarity affects three aspects of a piece of gear:

  • Quantity of Substats

    • Uncommon gear: 0 Substats

    • Rare gear: 1 Substat

    • Epic gear: 2 Substats

    • Legendary gear: 3 Substats

  • Power amount of the Primary Stat

  • Power amount of the Substats

Higher the rarity of the gear means higher the Primary and Substats, which means that the Hero the gear is equipped to will have a higher Power Level.


Allegiance is an attribute assigned to Premium and Loot Heroes like The Underground, Anarchists, Technorati, etc.

Some gear will also have Allegiance. If gear has the same Allegiance as the Hero that it’s equipped to, the Primary Stat of that piece of gear will be boosted.


  • You have a Rare Bracelet with an Allegiance to the Capitalists. The Primary Stat for your Bracelet is Agility. When you equip this Bracelet on a Hero who also has an Allegiance to the Capitalists, the Agility stat on the Bracelet, and thus on the Hero, will increase.

Set Bonuses

Gear can also be part of a set. Equipping 3 types of gear from the same set will provide a Set Bonus, which boosts the wearer’s overall Power Level.

There are 17 sets, including:

  • Guardian Set

  • Fury Set

  • Immortal Set

  • Resilience Set

  • And more!

Set Bonuses are applied to the Progression stats of the gear, and not the Base Progression Stats of the Hero. Set Bonuses can affect 1 or more stats like:

  • Resilience Set Bonus: +10% Luck

  • Life Set Bonus: +5% Vitality

  • Mastermind Set Bonus: +9% Intellect & +6% Agility

  • Etc

Unlocking Gear

Gear is unlocked through Fusion Contracts, which are accessible to players at level 44 and above. Fusion Contracts are a series of missions that require the usage of a Hero who was initially forged in the Fusion Lab.

Gear must be minted in order to be equipped. Players must be at least level 20 to mint gear, and Gear can be minted at Item Level 1.

Outside of the game, gear can be purchased in our Gear Collection on Magic Eden.

You can also purchase a Hero with gear already equipped on Magic Eden. You will see the details of the Gear in the metadata of that Hero. Heroes that have Gear equipped will also have an icon in the bottom left hand of the NFT image. The color and position of the highlighted shape in the image communicate which type of gear is equipped and which rarity it is.

Equipping Gear

Up to 6 gear items can be equipped to a Hero — one per type (necklace, belt, etc).

There is no Butter fee to equip gear to a Hero, or to swap in gear of the same type. However, there is a Butter fee to unequip a type of gear from a Hero. This fee changes according to gear rarity.

In case you missed it: Butter is an off-chain game currency that can be unlocked through Battle Pass, Premium Contracts, and Clan Wars. Butter can also be purchased in the Shop.

Unequipping Fees:

  • Uncommon gear = 25 Butter

  • Rare gear = 75 Butter

  • Epic gear = 150 Butter

  • Legendary gear = 250 Butter

Gear must be minted to be equipped to a Hero, and the Hero that it is equipped to must also be minted.

Power Level

We’ve talked a lot about the details, but what’s the point of collecting all this gear?!

Equipping gear adds boosts to the Progressions Stats of a Hero, which make up the Hero’s overall Power Level.

While it won’t affect PvP gameplay, Power Level will come into play for PvE modes in the future.

Power Level will also affect the number of Burn Points that a player receives when casting a skin into the Bonfire.

More news about Burn Points, the Bonfire, and PvE is coming soon - Stay tuned!

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