Season 3 Guide

Important information about Season 3: Hyperdrive

Season 3 marks a new era for Mini Royale: Nations. In addition to the start of an entire style redesign, players will start seeing new mechanics and features in the game.

Season 3 Premium Hero Airdrop

For Season 3, we will not be doing a launchpad drop where players can mint their own heroes for a price. We will instead be airdropping Season 3 Premium Heroes to the following groups:

  1. Sank Holders For each pair of 1 Sank Special Hero + 1 Loot item (from any season), holders will be airdropped 1 S3 Premium Hero.

  2. Super Holders For each group of 1 S1 Premium Hero + 1 S2 Premium Hero + 1 S1 Loot item + 1 S2 Loot item, holders will be airdropped 1 S3 Premium Hero.

  3. Radioactive Riotwear Holders For each Radioactive Riotwear skin (a special Season 2 Loot Character skin), holders will be airdropped 1 S3 Premium Hero.

  4. Season 2 Leaderboard Players As outlined in the Season 2 Performance Benefits page, top players and clans from Season 2 will be airdropped Season 3 Premium Heroes. Players ranked 1-10 will receive 1 Rare+ S3 Premium Hero each, Clans ranked 1-10 will receive different quantities of S3 Premium Heroes, and players ranked 11-100 will be entered into raffles for S3 Premium Heroes.

  5. Special Clan Wars Prize Burners There will be 3 special Clan Wars that reward weapon skins that can be burned in return for the S3 airdrop. See discord for more details.

Items must be minted and in the same wallet to qualify for the airdrop. Snapshots will take place at different times closer to the start of Season 3. Snapshot dates will be announced in our Discord server in advance.

Items in different groups can overlap, meaning that if you have 1 Sank Hero + 1 Radioactive Riotwear skin, you will receive 2 S3 Premium Heroes, since the Radioactive Riotwear skin counts as the loot item for the Sank Holders group as well.

The airdrop will begin at the start of Season 3. We have not currently announced a date for the start of Season 3.

Hero Fusion

For Season 3, no Epic or Legendary Premium Heroes will be airdropped. Instead, we will be launching a fusion system where players can fuse together lower rarity Heroes to receive higher rarity Heroes.

We will be adding a Fusion Lab on the game site where minted Heroes will be able to be fused together to create special skins and higher rarities of Season 3 Premium Heroes.


Previously in Mini Royale, rarities were linked to specific Hero metadata like Top, Helmet, and Full Set status. For Season 3, rarity will be closer associated to Hero class (Space Citizen, Space Warrior, Alien, and Space God).

View the Mini Royale: Nations rarity charts:

Fusion Recipes for Season 3 Premiums

Season 3 will reward collectors. It will take many items to acquire the higher rarity items via fusion in the lab. For example, players could see fusion recipes that require the following items (below quantities are not final and are for example purposes only):

  • 4 Uncommons > 1 Rare

  • 4 Rares > 1 Epic

  • 4 Epics > 1 Legendary

Rarity chart has not yet been released, but we're aiming to take it live at the start of Season 3.

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