Season 4 Guide

Important information about Season 4: Samurai Jackpot

The end of an era is here. But with it comes a new dawn. A crimson sun rises over the East as ancient warriors prepare to descend into the battlegrounds of Mini Royale. Welcome to Season 4: Samurai Jackpot.

🥷 Season 4 Heroes

New season, new heroes! Say hello to S4 street fighters, samurai, and shinigami. As always, Mini Royale season heroes come in 2 collections - Premium and Loot.

This season, we’re doing things a little differently. Now, all heroes will be unlockable through Item Shards, and can only be summoned after all Shards of that hero have been collected.

Once all Item Shards of a hero have been collected, a random color variation of that hero can be summoned.

For example, there are 5 color variations of the Legendary Premium Hero Ancient Sarugami. It takes 480 Shards to unlock a Legendary Premium Hero. Once you collect all 480 Shards, you can summon your Ancient Sarugami in the Lab and will receive 1 of the 5 color variations.

Shard Requirements

Specific rarity items (Heroes and weapons) have specific Shard count requirements across both Premium and Loot collections:

  • Uncommon Item: 60 Shards

  • Rare Item: 120 Shards

  • Epic Item: 240 Shards

  • Legendary Item: 480 Shards

Item Shards are earned through various in-game mechanics like the Battle Pass, Challenges, Contracts, Big Shot , Clan Wars, and through the all new Premium Samurai Drop (a premium loot box that we will describe more below).

One Hero, One Collection

In Season 4, each Hero is either Premium or Loot. That means that all color variations of that same Hero belong to the same collection. If a Hero is Premium, no color variations of that Hero will appear in the Loot collection, and vice versa.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of Season 4, the price to mint an in-game item is now 0.08 SOL

S4 Premium Heroes

In Season 4, there are about 20 Premium Heroes. There are 2 ways to get Premium Hero Shards: Most Shards are accessible through the Premium Samurai Drop, but some can also be earned from Premium Contracts. More on those below!

S4 Premium Collection Perks

Premium Collection Heroes have a few bonuses in Season 4:

  1. The S4 Premium Battle Pass can only be unlocked by staking S4 Premium Heroes

  2. S4 Premium Heroes (in addition to S1-S3 Premium Heroes + Sank Heroes) will contribute to Battle Pass Boost, helping you unlock prizes faster.

    • There are 5 tiers of Battle Pass Boost in Season 4

      • Tier 1: 10% boost for holders of one Premium Drop NFT

      • Tier 2: 20% boost for holders of 2-4 Premium Drop NFTs

      • Tier 3: 30% boost for holders of 5+ Premium Drop NFTs

      • Tier 4: 40% boost for holders of 10-24 Premium Drop NFTs

      • Tier 5: 50% boost for holders of 25+ Premium Drop NFTs

  3. The S4 Premium Contracts can only be unlocked by equipping a S4 Premium Hero

And, as you all know, staking Premium Heroes from any season gives you a higher Base Point amount for Economic Points in Clan Wars!

Finally, new with Season 4, select Season 4 Premium Heroes will provide huge boosts each week in Clan Wars. More on that in the Premium Samurai Drop & Clan Wars section!

Check out our Season 4 Premium Collection on Magic Eden

S4 Loot Heroes & Weapons

Unlike S4 Premium Heroes, Shards for S4 Loot Items (Heroes and weapons) are unlockable in game. Shards for these items are spread throughout the Battle Pass, Challenges, Daily Attendance, and the Lucky Shooting Range. Also, a handful of higher rarity Loot Heroes are only available in the Fusion Lab. More on that in the Fusion section below.

Loot also plays a special role in Season 4. Loot Contracts can only be unlocked by equipping S4 Loot. Additionally, Season 4 Loot Fusion Heroes can give access to special Fusion Contracts that reward rare Gear (a new RPG mechanic coming in Season 4!).

Unlike Premium and Loot Heroes, color variations for weapons are separate items. That means that you can collect shards for a specific color variation of a weapon, as opposed to collecting shards for the weapon type and receiving a random color variation once the item has been summoned in the Lab.

🏆 NEW! Premium Samurai Drop & Clan Wars Jackpot

We talked a little about the use cases for Premium Heroes above, but where do they actually come from?!

In Season 4, the majority of all shards for Premium Heroes are unlockable through the Premium Samurai Drop - a loot box mechanic that adds to a weekly prize pool for Clan Wars participants.

ICYMI: Check out our guide on the Clan Wars Jackpot!

To unlock Premium Hero Shards in Season 4, head to the Mini Royale website. You can then select various packages of open quantities.

Once you collect all of the Shards of a Premium Hero, you can head to the Lab to summon them.

Clan Wars Jackpot

In Season 4, Premium Heroes play an essential role for Clan Wars. You can read about the full update here, but here’s the tl;dr:

Each week, one special Premium hero will give a huge boost in Clan Wars. This Hero, like all other Premium Heroes, is unlockable through the Premium Samurai Drop mentioned above.

ICYMI: Here’s our guide to Clan Wars

Once you obtain the featured Hero, you can equip it during the Clan War to get your boosts in Raids and Staking. Rarity of the Hero affects boosts:

  • If the featured Hero is Rare: 600% Boost

  • If the featured Hero is Epic: 800% Boost

  • If the featured Hero is Legendary: 1000% Boost

Here’s where the Jackpot comes in! A portion of the SOL spent on unlocking Heroes for that week will go directly to the Clan Wars Jackpot, and will be redistributed to the top Clans and Individual players at the end of the Clan War based on their position in the Clan Wars Leaderboard.

We’re very excited to launch this brand new prize system in Season 4!

🎫 Battle Pass

New season, new Battle Pass! The Season 4 Battle Pass has 120 Tiers - a total of 2.5 millions Battle Pass points are needed to progress through all the tiers.

Battle Pass points are earned through PvP gameplay, Season Challenges, Loot Contracts, and Clan Wars.

The Season 4 Battle Pass prizes include Loot Shards, Orbs and Enriched Orbs, and Butter.

The Premium Tier of the Season 4 Battle Pass will unlock higher quantities of the prizes mentioned above as well as some exclusive hero shards, and can be accessed by staking any S4 Premium Hero.

⛩️ Maps

Introducing Shinigami Square, the new Season 4 featured map!

Shinigami Square is an arena map with an all new multi-level design. Players can recuperate in rooms, take cover in tunnels, and get the higher ground in elevated lanes.

Top Clans from Season 3 have been immortalized on this map so keep an eye out for some familiar logos!

There are plans to launch another map during Season 4. More info on this new map coming soon!

🔫 NEW! Challenges & Contracts

Season 4 brings with it a revamp to our Quest system. Quests have been split into 2 new groups: Challenges and Contracts.


There are 3 types of Challenges: Daily Challenges, Season Challenges and Brutal Challenges.

  1. Daily Challenges unlock at level 1, and reward Orbs.

  2. Season Challenges unlock at level 6, and reward Uncommon Loot Shards and BP points.

  3. Brutal Challenges unlock at level 34, and reward eOrbs.


There are 3 types of Contracts: Premium Contracts, Loot Contracts, and Fusion Contracts. Contracts are also gated by player level and require minted skins.

  1. Premium Contracts unlock at level 8, and require any minted S4 Premium Hero to be equipped during the tasks. Rewards include S4 Premium Shards and Butter.

  2. Loot Contracts unlock at level 21, and require any minted S4 Loot Hero to be equipped during the tasks. Rewards include Rare and Epic S4 Loot Shards and BP points.

  3. Fusion Contracts unlock at level 41, and require any Season 3 or Season 4 Fusion Hero. Fusion Contracts are the primary place to earn Gear during Season 4.

🧪 Fusion Recipes

Fusion, launched in Season 3, is a new crafting system in Mini Royale where players can burn specific ingredients in return for a special Fusion Hero of higher rarity. For Season 4, we’ve rebalanced Fusion recipes based on player feedback and new season content.

In Season 4, Fusion recipes will be launched on a weekly basis and last until the end of the season. Only Loot Heroes are available through Fusion (no weapons or Premium Heroes from Fusion this season). The color variation of the prize Fusion Hero will be randomized. Fusion recipes have been greatly simplified as well.

The Butter fee for claiming a fused item has not changed — the amount of Butter required depends on the rarity of the Hero being fused.

Loot Fusion Heroes play a special role and are required to unlock Fusion Contracts, which reward players with Gear. More on that below!

💍 NEW! Gear & Power Level

That’s right - Mini Royale has Gear! Gear is an all new mintable in-game item type that can be equipped to a Hero to boost their Power Level.

Gear comes in 6 forms: Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, Perfume, Watch, and Belt.

Equipping Gear increases various Hero stats including Strength, Toughness, Vitality, Agility, Intellect, and Luck. These stats all contribute to a Hero’s Power Level. Gear must be minted in order to be equipped, and can only be equipped to a minted Hero.

Gear comes in varying rarities, from Uncommon to Legendary.

There are also alignment rules for Gear. Heroes from all seasons have an Alignment of Good, Evil, or Morally Flexible. Heroes with Good Alignment can only equip Good Gear. Heroes with Evil Alignment can only equip Evil Gear. Heroes with Morally Flexible Alignment can equip both Good or Evil Gear!

If a Hero has Gear equipped and is listed for sale, the Gear will be included with the Hero.

Power Level is another all new feature in Season 4. Long term, Power Level will play an important role in PvE modes. In the meantime, Power Level contributes to the amount of Burn Points that can be earned.

🔥 NEW! Burn Points

Burn Points are ANOTHER new feature coming in Season 4. Essentially, players can earn Burn Points through Fusion and through the all new Bonfire. Season and Power Level of burned items will determine the amount of Burn Points earned!

In addition to SOL, Burn Points can then be used to open the Premium Samurai Drop.

Burn Points will go live on in early Q1 2023, so stay tuned! And don’t worry - if you burn during Season 4 Fusion before the feature is released, Burn Points will be retroactively credited to your player account once the feature goes live.

🔢 NEW! Inventory Filters

We love our players. We have learned that not having a good way to filter through the Loadout inventory makes players very sad. We don’t like when players are sad.

In addition to many incoming improvements, we will be launching an all new filtering system to help players find and equip the right Heroes and weapons for Challenges, Contracts, and Clan Wars. These new inventory filters will be released alongside the Gears release.

💬 Discord Activities

Outside of the game, we’ve got a ton of games, contests, and Q&A sessions planned for Season 4. Head over to join the fun!

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