Isn't Mini Royale an FPS? What’s all this about land gameplay?

The core FPS experience is set on top of a land control-oriented, social strategy game. Players play the FPS and earn items that help them take over land, and eventually, take over entire nations with their Clans. Hence the title “Mini Royale: Nations”.

Do I need to spend any money to play Mini Royale: Nations?

Nope! MRN is free to play off the bat.

What is the cost to mint your in-game skins as NFTs at the end of the season?

Minting each Battle Pass reward as an NFT will cost 0.08 SOL.

Mini Royale has Seasons. Is there any reset of players' progress after each season?

Yes, we do reset player's progress on a Seasonal basis. This is the list of assets and stat that we reset each season:
  • Progress in Clan & Individual leaderboards At the end of each season Leaderboard progress will be reset.
  • Orbs and eOrbs in Clans' & Players' treasures & balances. At the end of each season, all Orbs and eOrbs owned by individual players and in Clan treasury will be removed.

What is the final game going to look like?

Check out our whitepaper for all of our plans

What do the in-battle achievement badges mean?