Common Bugs

Why am I experiencing bugs in the game?

We are currently in an Open Beta so thank you for bearing with us. The reason we are doing an open beta first is that we want to start getting community feedback and input on our progress. After all, we want to build this game and economy with the community’s involvement.

Why am I not able to connect to a match with other players?

Please check to make sure you do not have any antivirus or firewall software installed / enabled. Antivirus software like Kaspersky is known to impact our matchmaker and game server.

What can I do with in-game lags?

If your game is lagging or something else goes wrong, kindly try to do following steps:

  1. Check your internet connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  2. Clear cookies / browser history and then reload your browser;

  3. Try to play in a different game mode;

  4. Try to disable third-party browser applications;

  5. Try to change your browser to FireFox / Chrome / Opera GX;

  6. Try to use VPN;

  7. Disable your anti-virus system while you play the game;

If those steps above didn't help to solve your issue, kindly contact our support team via email:

You can also join our Discord server and tell us about your game issue in #bug-reports channel. Our relative team will investigate your issue and will help!

How will connection issues and lag be solved in the future?

In order to improve our connection issues and lag, we will be spinning up additional servers in more territories around the world. Once we have more players, we will also begin matching players to those players closest to them so they don't have issues with lag.

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