What is Mini Royale?

What is Mini Royale: Nations?

Mini Royale: Nations is a browser-based FPS + social strategy game. The core shooter game is set on top of a land control-oriented, social strategy game with a deep emphasis on clans, alliances and social mechanics. It will be the first live multiplayer game to be powered by the Solana blockchain. MRN will also reward players with in-game fungible tokens that can be converted to fiat and cryptocurrencies, making it an open economy game. Weapons, characters, land, buildings, tools, and more will exist as NFTs that can be bought, borrowed, and sold in a free and open economy.

Who created Mini Royale: Nations?

MRN is brought to you by Faraway. Faraway was founded in 2021 by game industry veterans and longtime collaborators, Alex Paley and Dennis Zdonov.

How can I learn more about Mini Royale: Nations?

  • Come chat with us in our Discord

  • Follow us on twitter (@MiniNations) for game updates, giveaways and leaks

  • Check out our whitepaper to learn about all the game mechanics and system design

  • Join our recurring Town Halls, hosted in Discord

Where can I play Mini Royale: Nations?

Mini Royale: Nations is currently only available through your desktop browser. You can play instantly at https://miniroyale.io. It is best played in Chrome, Firefox, Opera GX, and Brave browsers.

What makes Mini Royale: Nations special?

Mini Royale: Nations is the first live multiplayer game on Solana. Its focus is on social and collaborative gameplay with an emphasis on clan-based events and territory capture and control. And one more thing, the game is already playable 😜

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